6 Tips to Make the Most of Your Internship

By Lianna Jasiewicz, Thomas/Boyd Communications Summer Intern

As an intern, you join the ranks of Owen Wilson, Vince Vaughn and even Robert De Niro in their portrayals of the term. Not everyone will have a boss like Miranda Priestly or work for Google, but the experience you get at an internship is irreplaceable.

Each of my internships have taught me valuable lessons and given me key notes of advice. Here’s how I made my internships great:

  1. Grow Your Program Aptitude. No matter the company, you will be working with some sort of programming system or database. It is important to learn how to work with various everyday programs like Microsoft and Adobe as well as task-specific programs like NGP VAN and Meltwater.
  2. Always Look for New Social Media. Most interns these days are on too many social media platforms to name, but even so, your use and knowledge of various social media platforms is valuable. Everything is moving in the tech direction!
  3. Take Breaks. Do not forget to eat or purposely avoid your lunch! Your brain and your stomach will thank you. You will find that you are more productive and feel better in doing so.
  4. Take Your Time. The work load can come in waves and one moment you’re scrambling to find yourself amongst all the papers, the next asking the whole office who needs help. When working on a project, create a plan or a timeline so you know the time you need, but can produce something to its full potential. Do not rush!
  5. Make Your Own Pitches. Even though your superiors can sometimes be intimidating, don’t let that prevent you from creating your own projects and making your own pitches! Your ideas and personality can bring refreshing perspectives to the things you’re working on.
  6. Appreciate the Experience. Internships help shape who we become personally and as professionals. The goal might be to land an internship at a company that matches your future career interests, but that doesn’t always happen. If so, know that you are gaining a unique experience and learning lessons that you can take with you in the future.

I know there are countless other tips and tricks to help you survive and have a successful internship, but these tips helped me do my best through all of mine. Now go shine!