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Five Tips for Better Writing

by Lori Palmer

As the world moves faster, resulting in less time and limited attention spans, it is more important than ever to write with clarity and brevity. With just a few tweaks you can do just that: Use strong verbs and the active voice. Make the subject perform the action in sentences to keep them shorter and more … Continue reading Five Tips for Better Writing

Date: March 4, 2016

National Clean out Your Inbox Week: The Week We all Secretly Need

by Pam Boyd

  If you’re feeling overwhelmed by your email inbox, you’re not alone. At the risk of sounding like “Debbie Downer,” email volume is only going to get worse. Luckily, it’s National Clean out Your Inbox Week – a time to get my inbox on the radar and start the year with a fresh slate. According … Continue reading National Clean out Your Inbox Week: The Week We all Secretly Need

Date: January 28, 2016

Woman in Charge

by Liz Thomas

Mayor Dana Redd Leading Camden into New Era Behind every great city is a woman calling the shots – that’s the saying, right? If you’re talking about Camden, then the answer is a resounding ‘yes!’ You already know that Camden is a growing economic force (and if not, check out our recent post about it … Continue reading Woman in Charge

Date: December 9, 2014

Small team, big benefits

by Liz Thomas

Working as part of a small team offers some pretty big benefits. With the exception of seven extraordinary years as a 20-something working in the Press Office of Governor Tom Kean, I’ve spent 25 years as a small business owner. As a college student, I never contemplated a job in politics or government and certainly … Continue reading Small team, big benefits

Date: August 19, 2014

Grammar police cite word crimes

by Pam Boyd

By now, we’ve all heard Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, but have you heard the latest spoof, Word Crimes, by the new grammar police, “Weird Al” Yancovic? I once thought I was alone in gasping aloud at a typo or feeling my ears burn when I heard poor grammar (slight exaggeration). Reflecting on my childhood, … Continue reading Grammar police cite word crimes

Date: August 5, 2014

Communications back then

by Liz Thomas

Shouts rang out through the ‘Kean for Governor’ headquarters when that first fax went through – and after only seven minutes. Can you imagine? We were excited that the transmission arrived from our office in Union, N.J. to Washington, D.C. in ONLY seven minutes. Ah, communications ‘back then.’ Carl Golden tapped away at his manual … Continue reading Communications back then

Date: June 18, 2014

Making the most of a ribbon cutting event

by Pam Boyd

A ribbon cutting event can be a great way to celebrate the opening of your business or organization, and it can also help increase your visibility – if it’s done right. As I’m coming off the heels of the third ribbon-cutting event I’ve helped organize in the past few months, I’d like to share a … Continue reading Making the most of a ribbon cutting event

Date: June 10, 2014
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