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Grammar police cite word crimes

By now, we’ve all heard Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke, but have you heard the latest spoof, Word Crimes, by the new grammar police, “Weird Al” Yancovic?

I once thought I was alone in gasping aloud at a typo or feeling my ears burn when I heard poor grammar (slight exaggeration). Reflecting on my childhood, I can thank my dad for being the “grammar police” – always correcting grammar mishaps. This quality has served me well professionally – you have to know how to write and speak well to work in PR – but has left me frustrated with some of the common mistakes that have become acceptable in our daily lives.

With this parody, there’s a new grammar police in town. Weird Al brings attention to proper grammar use, all set to the beat of Thicke’s chart-topping hit. Watch the video here.

It’s refreshing to see that grammar has hit the mainstream! Weird Al’s hilarious lyrics include:

“IT’S A GOOD TIME 2 lern some grammer?

Now, did I stammer?

Work on that grammar.”

Despite the video’s satirical nature, it has some valid points. We’re all guilty as charged of grammar offenses. Here are a few tips to help prevent “grammar traffic tickets” and save you some embarrassment:

  • Write out numbers under 10 (one, two, three…) except when writing an age, address or percentage.
  • Learn the proper use of words: to, too, two; your, you’re; it’s, its; there, their, they’re – check out my recent post on this topic!
  • Proofread! Don’t rely on spell check as it won’t catch things like “pubic” relations.

Are you guilty of committing any word crimes? What’s your hardest habit to break?


About the Author:
Pam_Boyd_2014As co-founder and President of Thomas/Boyd Communications, Pam Boyd finessed her leadership skills early on in her career. Pam is an award-winning public relations professional who provides the strategy, groundwork and energy to help advance her clients and their causes. She’s achieved renowned success in media relations and placements, event planning and organization and strategic programs and initiatives. Her passion for public relations and her dedication to her clients and their missions is evident, and she’s always on the lookout to build new relationships and bridge connections for her extensive network of contacts. A proud and well-recognized businesswoman, Pam is often called-upon to share her expertise with organizations and associations across the region.

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