From Internship to Full-Time: Embracing a New Career in PR

By: Tyler Schulz, Account Coordinator, Former Summer 2023 TBC Intern

Before my internship with Thomas/Boyd Communications (TBC), I knew little about what it meant to be a public relations professional. As a recent graduate of Rowan University majoring in advertising, my coursework focused on paid promotion and graphic design. Upon my TBC start date, I was eager to learn more about written communication.

During my summer internship, I learned a tremendous amount about the field of PR. TBC put the skills I had learned in college to the test with their diverse base of clients and needs. I received thorough feedback on my work that helped me understand how to develop quality content and was tasked with producing written materials that I was not exposed to in college, such as calendar listings and press releases. Above all, I was learning about PR with an incredibly supportive and patient team, who challenged me with assignments that tested my skills and improved my expertise in public relations and writing.

Toward the end of my internship, I was excited to receive an offer to join the TBC team full-time as an Account Coordinator. My first week was incredibly welcoming. During onboarding, I was allotted time to meet with every member of the team which allowed me to connect with each of my coworkers individually to strengthen existing relationships and form new ones.

My transition from intern to Account Coordinator was smooth. Throughout the process, I felt supported by the group. My managers checked in throughout the day to see how I was doing and ask if I had any questions. I continue to receive helpful feedback on my work which has allowed me to grow as a writer. Over the past few months, I have become proficient in social media, research and using media distribution platforms. I even feel that my day-to-day skills, such as time management and organization, have improved. As a TBC Account Coordinator, I feel confident that my skills as a public relations professional will continue to grow every day.