Public Relations

Public relations is at the core of any communications plan, and trust is at the core of public relations.

Count on TBC to instill trust – both with our clients and with the public – because without trust, there simply can’t be a relationship. While we say public relations is at the core of communications planning, it doesn’t exist or work alone.

Under the public relations umbrella are other critical tactics of communications planning and deployment that when blended form the “perfect” recipe for success.

  • Media relations
  • Stakeholder relations
  • Reputation management
  • Issues management
  • Thought leadership
  • Event planning

Not every public relations campaign contains every one of those elements, but many do. Our clients often come to us with a problem and if it’s a media relations or brand problem, some aspect of their reputation has been compromised and needs attention.

After drilling down to the heart of the problem, we will determine the combination of tactics and services to minimize a public relations problem.

Public relations, marketing and communications have morphed into one set of descriptors, making for run-on sentences in proposal writing. But in reality, it’s true, changing perception today takes a full-on, combination effort.

By being good listeners and putting ourselves in our clients’ shoes we know how to put our decades of experience and resources to work to turn the tide.

On the media relations front, our team has deep relationships with journalists, reporters, photographers, advertisers, bloggers and influencers around the corner and around the globe. No matter the topic, chances are, we have worked with the ideal media outlet with which to share your message – a message that we’ve specifically and strategically crafted and then targeted to just the right audience.

What we want you to know is this: we work hard and we work smart for our clients.

Clients place their confidence in us, and we never let them down. We only want the best for our clients today and, even more importantly, the future.

It all goes back to trust. A weak public relations plan goes nowhere. A great public relations plan goes far.

And that’s exactly where we want our clients to go.