South Jersey Gas

South Jersey Gas

For a number of years, Thomas/Boyd has partnered with South Jersey Gas (SJG), a subsidiary of South Jersey Industries (link to case study page), on various projects and initiatives spearheaded by the company – offering strategic counsel and communications support.

Thomas/Boyd was called in twice to serve as an integral part of the project team for SJG’s Cape Atlantic Reliability Project, a proposed pipeline to enhance service reliability in Cape May and Atlantic counties. We led all communications efforts during a contentious approval process, with the goal of accurately portraying the rationale and benefits of the pipeline.

Our efforts to support the project have included the development, launch and management of a basic advocacy website for the project; the creation of messaging and materials (FAQs, Fact Sheets, Backgrounders, Maps, Video, etc.) to best explain the complex issues relating to the project and the process; strategic communications and strategy counsel; media relations work, including Op-Ed, Letters to the Editor news release and media pitch development; print, radio and online advertising efforts; and media training and prep for project spokespersons.

In early 2017, Thomas/Boyd was called-in to develop a specialized campaign for SJG regarding the project. The goal was to successfully disseminate fact-based communications about the project’s status and anticipated progress, in response to misinformation being generated from groups with opposing points of view. The campaign focused heavily on the creation and launch of the project’s official social media sites (Facebook and Twitter), and included paid digital advertising and paid boosts of social media content/postings.

Since then, our work with the company has expanded. We continue to collaborate with SJG on a variety of projects, offering strategic communications guidance and counsel, as well as traditional public relations, community relations and media relations support as needed.

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