A Message from Liz & Pam

You don’t need us to rehash the multi-faceted news stories from 2022, other than to say, “it’s been quite a year!” From a business standpoint, we couldn’t agree more. Our recollections from the year include the good things and great news from within, as well as the factors outside our company, that proudly usher in our 25th year in business in 2023.

Simply put – our team is the best in the business. The longevity and both personal and professional growth illustrated by Caitlin Latko and Lauren Schiavo’s 15 years with us is just remarkable. In addition to our core team of Erin Bell, Courtney Miller, Lindsey Dowling and Linda Dickerson, we welcomed a record three new employees to TBC – Brandon Cantarella, Rachel Simpson and Lauren Trent, which is quite a significant undertaking and commitment, given the uncertainty of the economy.

Our growth is attributable to our team but also to our roster of stellar clients.

We are firmly embedded in and committed to supporting the development of offshore wind through our client, Ørsted, a global clean energy company. The company’s vision and commitment to hiring us as a local, trusted advisor has without question, led to our company’s growth over the past few years.

We are also in the cannabis space, another rapidly growing and developing field in our home state.

Other clients span subjects including education, health care, government, economic development, transportation, food banks, reentry, job training, affordable housing, historical preservation, business to business, an airshow and even something you may never have thought about, non-emergency medical transport!

All-in-all, every day presents something new for us to work on and a new challenge to conquer. A great feeling of satisfaction falls on every one of us when we check something off our to-do list, but fortunately, when one item gets checked off the list, multiple tasks are there to take its place.

Running a small business isn’t easy during the best of times. It’s more complicated during market crashes, pandemics and times of rising inflation and economic uncertainty. But one thing is for sure, we love what we do and are grateful for new clients who continue to be referred to us by happy existing clients, who are all in need of communications, public relations and marketing help.

Thanks to our team, our strategic partners and our clients who continue to fuel our energy and growth – you encourage us to take on more, do more, do better, learn more and push ourselves to be the best we can be, so we in turn, can be of greatest help to you.

Here’s to our 25th anniversary and to all that lies ahead!

Liz & Pam